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We do post notices to our Filmmaking Group on Facebook but please keep in mind that Facebook’s algorithms does not let everyone see every post, even if you joined the group and selected to see the posts! Nor do they let you see the post in a timely manner. What does this mean to you?

As one audience member noted during the Q&A session after our recent film premier, they often don’t get notices about upcoming projects and auditions until the day after auditions were held!

This is unacceptable!

I created this mailing list so notices about upcoming film auditions can be sent directly to your inbox rather than letting Facebook force you to miss an opportunity to be in a local film. We also post notices about other film projects we hear about across Nova Scotia, and members of the list get to preview upcoming films before they are publicly released on YouTube and other sites.

Worried about too many emails? The last message sent to the list was November 11th, 2017 – nearly 2 months ago! So needless to say I don’t bombard you with useless information. You only get an email from me when it is something I feel is worth sharing with everyone.

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