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4th September 2023

Size Matters: Choosing the Right Yacht Size for Your Needs

Unlike choosing a car or other more traditional vehicle, it is to be hoped that once we decide on the yacht of our dreams, it is the only one we will ever truly want or need. With such a wide selection of yachts available, deciding which is right for you and why can seem like an overwhelming minefield of contributing, often conflicting factors and things to consider. Knowledge is power, and by understanding your options and being honest about your desires and preferences, making an excellent, educated decision is much more achievable. 

As respected veterans in the world of yachting, Simpson Marine has all the experience needed to make the perfect choice when askingWhat size yacht should I buy? In this article, we would like to share that experience and hopefully make the choice a little bit simpler. 

What size yacht should I buy?


First things first, before doing anything else or even looking at a brochure, let your imagination run wild and picture your absolute dream yacht. At the end of the day, a yacht represents one of the most expensive, exhilarating purchases you are ever likely to make, and it is important to revel in that feeling and soak up the decadence and glamour. There will be plenty of time for practical constraints to try and ruin the fun later, but for now, set your imagination loose and picture yourself aboard the very best vessel you can imagine, suited to your every purpose. 

  • What does it look like? 
  • How big is it? 
  • How many bedrooms?
  • Is it kitted out for lavish, decadent parties on the calm waters or leaning more towards ocean-based, sporty action? 
  • Does it have facilities to help you go on the hunt for swordfish? 
  • How about a dedicated media room for watching the latest movies on a vast screen? 

All are allowed in this restriction-free, fantasy phase of the process. Make notes of all the elements and ideas you like the most and put them to one side to be compared with concepts more tethered to reality later.

Decide your budget and stick to it


As a high-ticket item, the size, style, features, and appointments of your yacht will depend largely on your available budget. Scrutinise the numbers, decide how much you can afford to spend, fix it in place and do not go beyond it, no matter what. You are about to embark on a journey bringing you into close contact with some of the most mouth-wateringly gorgeous vessels ever to be set onto the water. It will be all too easy to be swayed by their charms and overstretch yourself if you are not disciplined and single-minded about your finances from the word go. The bills won’t stop coming once the purchase is made, and some of them will just be beginning and can vary wildly, often rising exponentially as the size of the yacht increases. Here are just some of the hidden costs you might not have factored in:

  • Transport
  • Storage
  • Operating costs 
  • Maintenance and repairs 
  • Insurance 
  • Registration fees 

Do your homework well


There’s nothing to say you have to undertake this part of the challenge alone, your broker or yacht sales representative will be falling over themselves to give you all the information you need. 

The size of the yacht you choose must be an individual decision based on your goals and dreams for its use. Keep those in the back of your mind as you do your research, and always be prepared to change your mind on certain aspects if you uncover relevant alternative information or opinions. Take every opportunity to visit: 

  • Boat shows 
  • Expos 
  • Dealerships
  • Marinas 

Immerse yourself in the world of luxury yachting with an open mind and see how you like it. Take photographs and notes, soak up the atmosphere and get a genuine feel for the vessels you encounter. Be honest with yourself:

  • What aspects of each yacht attract you? 
  • Are they primarily aesthetic or more practical?
  • Would those same aspects be of use to you in your own purchase? 
  • Do the yachts you are most attracted to fulfil your practical requirements?

The more you interact with these incredible vessels, the greater understanding you will have of their individual strengths and potential weaknesses. Once you have found yourself in close proximity to as many yachts as you can, it’s time to assess which ones would actually be right for you and which are the stuff of pipe dreams for one reason or another. 

Take into account factors outside your control 


The time has come to be brutally honest with yourself and eliminate some flights of fancy or even go back to the drawing board if that’s what is required. This is not a race, and there are no prizes for simply seeing a yacht that sets your heart aflame and purchasing it without further ado. But there are booby prizes for those who make rash, uninformed decisions and find themselves with an inappropriate vessel. Visualise yourself using this incredible floating work of art and how it will look and feel. Walk through every step you might expect to take, every place you will visit, and think about the factors affecting your decision most profoundly. Not all of them will be within your sphere of influence:

  • Will the yacht be berthed in one home marina or a succession of temporary ones?
  • What will its primary function be? 
  • Will you make more long-distance, extended trips or shorter ones?
  • What is the minimum number of people it must be able to sleep? 
  • Are young children a factor? Pets? 
  • What are the advantages of larger vessels? The disadvantages? 

Once you have spent the time and energy to figure out your budgetary constraints, personal preferences, and factors outside your control, you will be that much closer to making a good, solid decision. Eliminating choices that don’t fit your exact requirements or circumstances is an essential process, leaving you with a shortlist of suitable, exciting options. 

Check online ratings and reviews


It may not have occurred to you that people leave reviews for such huge, life-changing purchases, but you would be surprised. The internet is your friend in all kinds of research, and getting other people’s opinions of your shortlisted yachts is no exception. There will be in-depth reviews and articles pointing out the virtues and discrepancies of all kinds of yachts and other crafts. Dig deep, and don’t be afraid to go down the rabbit hole, once you start you never know where it may lead.

It would also be very useful to try and find your preferred vessels ‘in the wild’ and see if you can strike up a conversation with the owners. People are generally very helpful and will usually give you an honest opinion of their vessel and any issues it might have, mechanical or otherwise.

Charter a series of yachts


Aquila Range

What better way to test a variety of yacht styles and sizes than by chartering them for a short period and getting an up-close, personal feel for them? Speak to your trusted yachting experts and explain the plan to them, they should be only too happy to oblige your research. If you’re in the market to partner with a leading yacht company, able to cater to your wishes and with a deep pool of experience and knowledge, look no further than Simpson Marine. 

Consider buying a pre-owned yacht


Simpson Marine Pattaya Brokerage Boat Show 2020

Now that you have thoroughly assessed your preferences and other practicalities, it’s time to decide whether a used vessel might be the way forward. There are, of course, many considerations to be made and potential pitfalls to be avoided when buying a used yacht. But put those to one side just for now and decide if you are happy to entertain the notion of a previously-owned yacht. 

The benefits have to be balanced against risks when buying used, but you needn’t make the purchase alone. Just as when buying property, there are experienced assessors who can give you a full breakdown of any under consideration, and this outlay will be offset by the fact you can expect to pay much less for a used yacht when buying privately. This is certainly a route worth considering if you have concluded you would prefer a much larger craft than the budget allows if buying new.


Some common yacht sizes 

Motor yachts


  • 12-15m (40-50ft)

Perfect for couples or small families, the more diminutive yachts in this range are outstanding as first-time/starter vessels and do not require a crew to operate. Depending on layout and stylistic choices, yachts of this size can sleep from 2-6 people.

  • 15-18m (50-60ft)

More able to handle larger families and/or visiting guests, yachts of this size tend to sleep anywhere up to 8 people. While it is still technically possible for yachts of this size to be owner-operated, many offer crew quarters should the owners prefer to have a captain.

Beneteau Grand Trawler 62

  • 18-21m (60-70ft) 

The extra size makes the yachts in this range more than capable of extended travel periods. The preferred choice of those wishing to host decadent, luxurious parties and gatherings, a vessel of this kind can sleep 8+ guests unless more focus has been put on creating space for entertaining.

Sports-fishing yachts 


Speed, performance, practicality, and comfort all meet in this type of yacht, making them formidable. With a clear focus on practicality for water-based activities and more than enough power and speed to chase down the fastest fish, you probably already know if this is the style of yacht for you. 

Cruiser yachts/express cruisers 


Sleek and sporty, this class of vessel tends towards providing extended cruising accommodations at the expense of increased living spaces, depending on their size.

Beneteau Flyer 10

  • 9-12m (30-40ft)

Popular for weekend boating trips and day cruising, yachts in this range typically sleep from 2-4 people. Some prefer outboard motors over inboard ones.

  • 12-15m (40-50ft) 

Cruiser yachts of this size suit larger families or guests and additional guests onboard. Cruiser boats in this range sleep up to 6 people comfortably, leaving space for entertainment areas. 

Bluegame BGX60

  • 15-21m (50-70ft) 

With 3-5 staterooms and crew quarters provided, these large cruisers offer the ultimate package. Spacious interior saloons and ample accommodation are complemented by many desirable features including fully-equipped galleys, cockpit areas and hydraulic swim platforms.

If this article has whetted your appetite and you would like to discuss any other aspects of the yachting management and care services we offer here at Simpson Marine, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Alternatively, we have a wide selection of incredible vessels for your consideration, both new and pre-owned, so why not browse our available yachts today? Our dedicated team will be happy to help, giving you all the honest advice and guidance you need.

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